10 ideas for an above-ground pool integrated into the garden

10 ideas for an above-ground pool integrated into the garden

The above ground swimming pool is both easy to use, and allows even the most modest families to be able to cool off during the heat wave. We can find pools both inexpensive, up to luxury pools.

There are two types of above ground pools. Initially we find those with flexible membrane, so the inflatables, then those at tubular reinforcements, and the freestandings. Then we find the swimming pools with panels therefore those in steel, resin or wood.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and in any case, they are worth maintaining year round.

It feels like above ground pools can’t be pretty; generally, soft pools are coated with a blue color, the ropes are stretched to hold it in unlike paneled pools which are already surrounded by a prettier, more solid material.

But, there are many tips to be able to make your swimming pool more “luxurious”, which will know how to blend in with your garden. You will be proud to invite your friends and family to come and cool off at your place!

1) A swimming pool surrounded by brick

A nice covering for an aspect of solidity, with why not an overhanging coping for a spirit bar.

2) Create a whole terrace to blend your pool into the decor

Install your wooden pool as an extension of your Terrace for long afternoons between swimming and sunbathing. No need for a ladder and room for diving!

Above ground wooden swimming pool
Credit: Jardimagine

3) Place your pool in a corner, surrounded by greenery

An impression of being in a new universe, in a semblance of a forest, far from all the daily hassles (unless your neighbor mows his lawn at the same time).

4) dress your pool with straw

Relax in this lovely swimming pool as if you were in a tropical country. A little juice in a coconut shell, a straw, a little music in the background …

5) Create a friendly place

A colorful terrace, deckchairs, garden furniture, a hammock, the possibilities are endless to accommodate family and friends.

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