10 examples of modern decor with mirrors

10 examples of modern decor with mirrors

Frames, shelves, photos, are the basic elements of our wall decoration. Why not hang one or more mirrors? Whether round, rectangle, bright, big or small, it will make the difference and give a touch of pep to your interior. You will inevitably find a mirror that you like, and above all, that adapts to your decoration! If you like several mirrors, then opt for an accumulation of mirrors on your wall, all of different sizes, and of different materials.

In addition to decorating your interior, it helps light to penetrate, and gives the impression of a larger room, especially when it is hung on the wall. However, pay attention to where you will stare your mirror. Indeed, placing it in front of your front door, in front of your bed or even in front of a window is not really feng-shui.

1) Mirrors with atypical shapes

Whether large or small, mirrors with shapes atypical make the difference. They will adapt to all rooms of the house.

2) A rattan mirror

The mirror in rattan is one of the decorative mirrors that adapt to any interior. These can be metal, wood, rattan, or any other material. They will then replace the other elements of wall decoration in your home, while bringing a little color, light and of greatness to your interior.

Credit: La Redoute

3) An artist’s canopy

For a more style industrial, opt for a revisited mirror glass roof. You can recover materials from a standard canopy, or from a window surround, to create it yourself, tailor-made.

4) The hanging mirror

The hanging mirror is trendy; it can both be suspended by a rope on a nail, or even directly from the ceiling. It is still necessary to be sure that this one is well hung!

5) A designer mirror

Its elegant shape will enhance your room. Above a piece of furniture or alone in the middle of a wall, it will enhance your room. It is both imposing in size and original in shape.

6) A luminous mirror

Usually found in a bathroom, the mirror made of neon lights is ideal for getting ready in the morning, while adding a touch of light which does not attack the eyes.

7) A wooden support

Opt for a mirror that is both designer and decorative. This support is really out of the ordinary, and gives your interior relief.

8) The mirror that looks at you

In the shape of an eye, this mirror will be your third eye. Observe yourself while having the impression that you are being observed in return! Disturbing isn’t it?

9) The round mirror for a safe bet

The round mirror is a trend that does not run out; framed in metal, wood, rattan. Big, medium or small, alone or accompanied, you will never get tired of it!

10) Mirror framed in driftwood

For a more natural atmosphere, opt for the driftwood mirror. It will go very well in a beach-style interior, or even a bohemian one. You can find other ideas to customize to customize an old mirror.

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